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Market for North American Hardwood Lumber Export

Hardwood Sawmill

Vexco export its products from their own sawmill and kiln dry facilities to different countries all over the world, as well as in the Canadian market. By our control (from the beginning to the end), we assure our customers always receive a product with quality and constancy.


World market hardwood

  • Very thick lumber
  • Quarter-cut lumber
  • Rift-sawed lumber
  • Hardwood sawmiller for manufacturers:
    • Architectural carpentery
    • Furniture
    • Cupboards
    • Doors
    • Moulding
    • Floors
    • Caskets
    • Crossties
    • Pallet stock
    • Packaging wood
    • Boules


  • Wood shavings
  • Saw-dust
  • Bark

To learn more about our products consult our hardwood lumber species.